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MotiveWave Software is a well-established developer of easy-to-use full-featured charting, analysis and trading software built for the individual trader. Their product “MotiveWave” has very advanced charting and drawing tools that are highly customizable and yet still easy-to-use, and also specializes in advanced analysis tools like Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Gartley, Gann and Ratio Analysis.

MotiveWave Platform Features

  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Trade whatever your broker supports (Stocks, Futures, CFDs, Forex, more)
  • Over 275 built-in studies/indicators
  • Trade how you like from the DOM, Quotesheets, Buy/Sell Boxes, the Trade Panel, or directly from the chart with one click
  • Over 30 built-in trading strategies
  • Java SDK for custom studies, indicators and strategy creation
  • Advanced Strategy Trading including Backtesting, Optimization, Replay Mode and Walk Forward Testing
  • Advanced Elliott Wave Tools from manual plotting tools to auto Elliott Wave and Scanner
  • All Elliott Wave Rules and Guidelines enforced, all patterns and degrees supported
  • Advanced Fibonacci Tools
  • Gartley Tools (manual tools, auto Gartley and Gartley Scanner)
  • Gann Tools
  • Advanced Commentary Tools
  • Compact Chart Mode Maximizes Screen Space
  • Designed for Multiple Monitors
  • Different products to fit any trading style and budget

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