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Combining comprehensive, fast, flexible order entry / management with world class charting and analytics, real time quotes and news; QST features the ability to enter and manage orders and fills from virtually any screen. It also offers integrated paper trading, allowing users to learn the QST interface and practice trading strategies. With the click of a button, users can toggle between paper and live trading. Also includes synthetic orders, such as trailing stops, Iceberg, and auto spreads.

  • Invalid order requests are halted and the user is notified before the order is ever submitted.
  • All prices are displayed in a consistent format, with the correct decimal and minimum tick. One click trading means the user typically doesn’t type in the price, but can easily modify it.
  • Options and futures contracts display the currency value of the instrument, not just the last trade.


Left click = buy, right click = sell from any screen. Advanced option functionality offers real time bids/offers, greeks, volatility, underlying futures, as well as user defined parameters to allow various trading scenarios. Custom Account Group editor allows easy creation/modification of user defined account groupings.

  • Extensive risk management, including order / price / type validation and position / order limit / margin valuation.
  • Advanced Charts: Extensive indicators, including the ability to generate custom formulas.
  • Import of external data for ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Overlay multiple contracts for multimarket analysis on single screen.
  • P & L on all screens.
  • Real time links to Excel spreadsheets.

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