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Our very own state-of-the-art trading platform, DAWEDGE. We designed this platform specifically to serve our large retail client base with a keen interest in the global electronic markets, while at the same time giving an innovative, edgy new face to electronic trading technology.

  • DAWEDGE — an integrated website that allows you to see all of your important account information.
  • Trailing stops and bracket orders.
  • One click execution.
  • The “thermometer” allows you to quickly gauge how the market has moved.
  • Easy viewing of market depth.
  • Multiple windows to facilitate multi-market trading.
  • Simple drag and drop features to access the contracts you need.
  • Save, export, import, load and delete your customized platform layouts.
  • Data history viewing up to one month.
  • Automatic updates upon login—no need to perform manual updates.

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