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E-mini S&P (March)

Yesterday’s close: Settled at 2803.75

Fundamentals: There is no new all-time high overnight, let’s say that U.S equity markets are settling in after yesterday’s rip your face off rally. We have not wavered from our Bullish Bias this week or anytime in the recent past. Even when we exuded caution here Tuesday morning we discussed pullbacks and support levels as buying opportunities. Congress is expected to vote and pass a stopgap budget deal today, a failure to do so could bring some pressures so traders must keep an ear to the ground. Though major indices in the U.S are peeling back and ‘settling in’, the DAX is playing catch up gaining .5%. The US Dollar gained some footing late yesterday on technicals and an upbeat Beige Book along with Dallas Fed President Kaplan. The stronger Dollar brought a weaker Euro, and we have discussed here how a weaker Euro can lift European equities. Also helping is firm GDP, Fixed Asset Investment and Industrial Production data from China. We say firm because they all beat by about .1%; what a surprise. A lot of talk this morning calling these numbers fixed. We believe that the US Dollar is going to attempt to stage a consolidation higher and though we do not expect a sharp pullback in the S&P, it should keep price action in check at, around and just above yesterday’s high and our major three-star resistance at 2807. This morning we have Building Permits, Housing Starts, weekly Jobless Claims and Philly Fed at 7:30 am CT. The ECB’s Coeure speaks at 8:30 am CT.

Technicals: A new all-time high of 2809.50 is ‘settling in’ after failing to secure a close out above major three-star resistance yesterday. The market is Bullish and ultimately only a close below major three-star support at 2769-2771.75 will give us a reason to go short. Price action might not be ready to extend higher yet today, but it is likely that we see this before the weekend. The next level above here is 2828 and a close above major three-star resistance today will push the tape directionally. The Russell lagged in retracing yesterday and faces stiff resistance at 1595.8; a move out above here could get things going all around. Major three-star support remains at 1560-1564.4 and a close below here will encourage waves of selling.

Bias: Bullish

Resistance – 2807-2809.50***, 2828**, 2847.75***

Support – 2800*, 2794.25**, 2788.75-2789.25**, 2783.50-2784.50**, 2769-2771.75***


Crude Oil (March)

Yesterday’s close: Settled at 63.92

Fundamentals: Yesterday’s February option expiration worked to contain price action. This morning OPEC said in their Monthly Report that production increased 42,000 bpd in December per a secondary source. They revised non-OPEC supply higher due to the U.S and Canada. They reiterated that compliance was strong. They also forecasted a small uptick in demand growth for 2018. Crude had a muted initial reaction. API inventories showed a draw of 5.12 mb, this would be the ninth weekly draw in a row if confirmed by EIA today. They also reported a build of 1.782 mb in Gasoline and 609k build in Distillates. The numbers as a whole were on the bullish side with Crude drawing more and Gas building less. Today’s EIA read expects -3.536 mb Crude, +3.426 mb Gasoline and +.086 mb Distillates. Crude inventories have been drawn down by at least 4.5 mb each week for the last six weeks and this has been a tremendous catalyst in keeping prices bid. Crude production will be a key on this read as it dropped 290,000 bpd in last week’s due to the winter storm. The question today is how much production comes back online? Traders also want to keep an eye out for headlines with Nigeria as rebels have threatened attacks.

Technicals: Price action has been fairly quiet as traders await today’s EIA read. First resistance comes in at 64.23-64.28, a move out above here could attract more buyers. As price action consolidates traders should remember that Friday’s have been very supportive for Crude. Furthermore, only a close below the weekly trend line and major three-star support at 63.00-63.25 signal a potential correction, until then the bulls have a clear upper hand.

Bias: Neutral/Bearish

Resistance – 64.23-64.28**, 64.83-64.89**, 66.87***, 68.43**

Support – 63.00-63.25***, 62.43**, 61.87**, 59.96-60.45***


Gold (February)

Yesterday’s close: Settled at 1339.2 before selling off late in the session

Fundamentals: The Dollar stabilized late yesterday on technicals, an upbeat Beige Book and Dallas Fed President Kaplan. The Dollar Index double bottomed on the session and quickly paired losses ahead of the electronic close which sent Gold to a session low of 1326.6 and about 1% from its settlement. Price action has held ground very well into this morning and we have a big board of data at 7:30 am CT to digest; Building Permits, Housing Starts, weekly Jobless Claims and Philly Fed. As we said yesterday, we are unequivocally bullish Gold in the long-term, however, price action is due for a consolidation lower at minimum. This is what we are seeing and the technicals will be key.

Technicals: Price action breached first key support amidst strong selling but is attempting to bottom out into this morning. Ultimately, a minor correction or consolidation lower will be extremely healthy for the metal. Resistance on the session comes in at 1332.2-1334.7, near the key closing level of 1335.8, a long-term level that the bulls want to maintain a close above in order to keep the immediate-term upper hand. A close below 1327.3-1330.5 will keep selling pressures. These levels are tight, but each is important in their own respect to immediate term momentum.

Bias: Bullish/Neutral

Resistance – 1332.2-1334.7**, 1335.8**, 1340.9*, 1345**, 1358-1365***

Pivot – 1327.3-1330.5**,

Support – 1321.6**, 1307.1-1308.9**, 1302-1303.4***


Natural Gas (February)

Yesterday’s close: Settled at 3.232

Fundamentals: Cash Natural Gas is down more than a $1 today from over $5. Today’s storage expectations range from -196 to -199. The month of January is already drawing significantly from storage and next week’s expectations continue to mount near previous record highs. Considering this, look for price action to respond on a bigger draw than expected. For now, the technicals have kept the tape in check.

Technicals: Price action has battled against the 3.18-3.21 level while facing the 200-day moving average just above at 3.257. Today this 3.18-3.21 level will consolidate to 3.199, a close below here will neutralize the tape. Yesterday’s session high was 3.288 before settling back in, resistance is tiring the tape but can only do so for so long. A bullish read today and close above the 200 dma will give the bulls fire power to 3.43.

Bias: Neutral

Resistance – 3.258-3.288***, 3.43***

Pivot – 3.199

Support – 3.115-3.134**, 3.039** 2.971-2.989***


10-year (March)

Yesterday’s close: Settled at 122’21

Fundamentals: Treasury prices were under pressure for much of the session as equity markets bounced back strongly from Tuesday’s weakness. However, the real selling through major support came in the second half of the day on an upbeat Beige Book and a hawkish Dallas Fed President Kaplan who is concerned about overheating the market and feels strongly about three hikes this year, eluding to a potential fourth. A big slate of data at 7:30 am CT includes Building Permits, Housing Starts, weekly Jobless Claims and Philly Fed. The technicals will keep pressure on this market but misses in data will neutralize the tape.

Technicals: Price action closed below major four-star support yesterday at 122’245-122’29 and this has kept pressure on the tape. However, we do see support against the lows of the session at 122’125. A consolidation back into 122’245 will help neutralize the weakness, but right now the sellers have an edge. We believe there will be a buy opportunity at some point in the near future, but this may not be until after the Fed meeting in two weeks.

Bias: Neutral

Resistance – 123’10-123’135**, 123’215**, 123’27-123’28**, 124’01*, 124’06-124’07

Pivot – 122’245-122’29****

Support – 122’125**, 121’25**, 119’20-120****


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